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Drain lining repair services in Oxfordshire
OPC Drains

Drain Lining Repair in Oxford, Abingdon & Surrounding towns

Here at OPC Drain Services, we provide drain lining repair services in Oxford, Abingdon and across the wider Oxfordshire region – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We know repairing pipes can often be complex, particularly if they are located in hard-to-reach spaces. Thankfully, drain lining repair allows us to fix or replace damaged or deteriorating pipes without excavating the area. Our expertise and specialist equipment allows us to offer tailored drain lining repair solutions that ensure piping systems are transformed back to their best.

We are a proud, family-run business available to provide services to commercial, domestic and industrial clients throughout the Oxfordshire region, including Abingdon and Oxford.

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Drain Relining

The process of fitting a lining to the inside of an existing pipe to create a sleeve, drain relining, essentially creates a new pipe within the old one.

At OPC Drain Services, we can perform drain relining services aided by the latest technology to repair pipes back to an ‘as new’ condition. The drain lining process offers benefits, including avoiding the headache of excavation work, which saves time and money. Once installed, drain lining can also prevent root intrusion and leakage, strengthen fractured pipes and smooth over displaced joints to aid flow.

Patch Liner Repairs in Oxford, Abingdon & Surrounding towns

Patch liner repairs are ideal for fixing smaller, isolated areas of domestic pipe systems, such as cracks or holes, without performing a complete end-to-end lining.

At OPC Drain Services, our team have the expertise and necessary equipment to perform patch line repairs for clients throughout Oxford, Abingdon and the wider Oxfordshire area.

Pitch Fibre Pipe Re-Rounding & Relining

Popular between 1940 and 1970, pitch fibre pipes were a common form of drainage used for residential and commercial properties. However, with an expected lifespan of 40 years, many of the original pipes now have issues, including being susceptible to deformation and delamination, which can cause squashing and blistering.

As specialists in our field, we can re-round and reline pipework to restore it to its original shape by winching a re-rounding head through the pipe and then installing a CIPP liner to sleeve it.

CIPP Liner

Designed for repairing and replacing damaged or deteriorating piping, a CIPP liner is a popular option due to its cost-effectiveness and minimal disruption.

Typically made of felt, fibreglass or polyester, CIPP liners are injected with a thermosetting resin during the curing process, ensuring they are the ideal solution for repairing corrosion, cracks or leaks in pipes. 

Why Choose OPC Drain Services?

Our clients across Oxfordshire choose our drainage services for several reasons, including:

Comprehensive range of quality services
Available 24/7 for emergency unblocking service not septic tank
Fully qualified team of drain contractors

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